Transportation Management

At L.J. Rogers Logistics, we understand transportation operations inside and out. We use leading-edge technology that addresses your needs from dispatch to accounting and safety. We also offer our customers EDI services and automation to help reduce administrative costs, speed up the process of filling orders and facilitate freight billing.

We’ll tailor a solution to fit your specific transportation needs. Our team will work with you to analyze your situation and information based on lane patterns, customer demand, delivery requirements, and equipment utilization. With this, we can determine the most beneficial cost structure. We’ll explore every opportunity to minimize your total logistics costs. Utilize proven management techniques to solve your transportation challenges.

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Our Management Services Include

  • Establishment of competitive rates for the lanes traveled
  • Daily management of all shipments
  • Comprehensive carrier selection, negotiation and management
  • Rates analysis and comparison
  • Load optimization
  • Claims filing
  • Guaranteed access to company management during business hours