Agent Opportunities

We're looking for energetic, highly motivated Agents.
L.J. Rogers Logistics, a full-service transportation provider with over 25 years in the transportation industry, is seeking brokerage agents nationwide. We offer a 60/40 split with 60% of the net amount to the agent, 30-day carrier pay, weekly settlement to the agent on invoiced freight, online dispatch software, EDI capabilities, load posting services, sales materials, and expert office support. We also offer support from our fleet of over 450 pieces of equipment.

L.J. Rogers Logistics knows that being an independent business person can be challenging. Operating your own transportation brokerage can be complicated and time-consuming. If you're looking for the independence and opportunity of being an owner, while still having the support, expertise, and financial backing of an established company, you should consider L.J. Rogers Logistics.

We offer you the opportunity to work from home or office with unlimited earning potential. Combine your knowledge and experience of the brokerage industry with our technology and administrative support, and you're on your way to independence and financial security.


60/40 split of the net amount of each shipment. (60% to the broker agent)

Payment Terms to Agent

Commissions are processed weekly. You can choose to have your commission checks mailed to you every Friday or you can choose direct deposit. Commissions are paid in the following manner. When L.J. Rogers Logistics receives the invoice from the carrier along with the bill of ladings, we will review the bills for any discrepancies and then bill your customer the same day. Your commissions will be paid to you the following week on Friday. This means that you are paid before we receive payment from your customer. However, any non payment of freight bills by your customer will be handled in future settlements.

Carrier Pay

Carriers want to be confident they will be paid for their hard work. L.J. Rogers’ proven record of prompt payments and long term financial strength will give them that confidence. L.J. Rogers Logistics pays all carriers in 30 days from receipt of their invoice and also offers quick pay. This establishes your brokerage on a sound foundation with all carrier partners.


In order to ensure that your business is successful and gets off to a good start, L.J Rogers Logistics offers training on our online logistics software. An L.J. Rogers Logistics representative will spend all the time necessary working with you providing comprehensive orientation to our system and procedures ensuring that your business with L.J. Rogers Logistics gets off to a good start.

Your business will be online.

All Agents log into our dispatch management software via the Internet. The advantages are dynamic and greatly increase your productivity, customer retention, carrier availability and more.

Promotional Materials

We will provide you with business cards, letterhead, sales brochures, mailing material and also put together a sales package in .PDF form tailored to your business that you can email to prospective customers.

Mileage and Routing Software

All L.J. Rogers Logistics agents have access to PC Milers version 26 or higher. This software is recognized by major shippers and manufacturers in the US, Canada and Mexico. Our mileage software allows you to route from point to point giving you accurate practical and or shortest mileage between each point and the final destination. It can also calculate the mileage from one origin to many final destinations with one input.

What’s Required?

It’s easy to get started as a L.J. Rogers Logistics agent. You need:
  • Office (Home or business)
  • Computer
  • Fax Machine
  • Copier/Printer
  • Internet Access (DSL or Cable)

Rob Crews

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